Maternity Package Program

Delivered by Hatch Private Maternity

As part of Allianz Care Australia’s commitment to improving the lives of our members and offering increased choice and options for care, we are delighted to offer a private maternity package for Allianz Care Australia – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) members. This model is delivered by Hatch Private Maternity, a pioneer and leading provider of private maternity services in Brisbane.

The Maternity Package Program offers members the option of experiencing a joint GP shared care, a private team-based Maternity Package and a private hospital birthing experience while having reduced ‘out-of-pocket’ costs.


To be eligible to participate, Allianz Care Australia OSHC members need to:

  • Live in Brisbane or surrounding areas
  • Have served any pregnancy waiting periods under the OSHC policy (if required)
  • Be assessed by the Midwives at Hatch as presenting with a low-risk pregnancy. Unfortunately, members presenting with one or more of the following conditions are not covered under the model: multiple pregnancies (more than one foetus); BMI >40; maternal age >40years; known foetal anomaly; some pre-existing medical conditions; or previous complex obstetric history
  • Agree to the proposed joint GP shared care and Hatch Maternity Package arrangements

The Brisbane Maternity Package pilot will cover most costs associated with your pregnancy, including:

  • GP Appointments (including for pregnancy shared care between 4 and 28 weeks pregnant) with your regular GP up to 100% of the MBS fee
  • Maternity Package from Hatch
  • Accommodation and birthing charges at the Mater Mother’s Private Hospital
  • Standard ultrasounds and blood-tests during your pregnancy up to 85% of the MBS fee
  • Other Specialists costs for when you are in hospital up to 100% of the MBS fee

There are a number of costs that will be payable by the member during the program. These include:

  • Any ‘out of pocket fees’ payable for anaesthetics, paediatrics and intensive specialist fees (if required and charged above the MBS fee for the birth);
  • Any fees charged by your GP above the MBS fee;
  • Antenatal education classes;
  • Ancillary hospital costs such as pay television or internet access charges

If you would like to participate in this program, simply book an initial consultation with a midwife at Hatch.  Alternatively, you can speak with your GP first to decide whether you may be suitable and request a referral to the program before booking your appointment at Hatch.

Ideally, initial appointments occur in the first trimester, between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. 

For more information, please get in touch with Hatch Private Maternity on (07) 3332 1950 or visit:

You can also read our  Member Overview and FAQ  for additional information.

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