It is important for overseas students and visitors to understand how to access hospital care whilst in Australia, to ensure you receive appropriate medical treatment when needed.

It is also important to understand what you are covered for under your OSHC or OVHC policy, to make sure you are aware of any potential out-of-pocket costs that may arise.

Public Hospital

Generally, OSHC & OVHC pays for the total cost of your stay and treatment as an in-patient in a shared ward of a public hospital. As a patient in a public hospital, your doctors will be nominated by the hospital. After your hospital discharges you, your care will be carried out in either the outpatient clinic by one of the hospital's specialists in his/her private rooms or you will be referred to your local general practitioner.

Private Hospital

You can choose to be treated in a private hospital. Through our relationship with Peoplecare we have agreements in place with most private hospitals in Australia. These agreement hospitals ensure that an agreed schedule of fees (including in-patient accommodation, theatre and special unit accommodation fees as appropriate) is charged by the hospital and paid by Allianz Care Australia on a member’s behalf. You may incur out of pocket costs for private hospital expenses.

There are only a few private hospitals that are not part of these agreement hospitals. If you are admitted to one of these hospitals, we will not cover the full cost of your hospitalisation. However, if you call us for a discussion before you are admitted to hospital, we will tell you how much it will cost you in out of pocket expenses.

To find out if we have an agreement in place with a particular Private Hospital you can refer to our current Find a Hospital Guide* below.

*The providers listed in the find a hospital guide are current as at 2nd October 2023 and may be subject to change at any time.

Going to hospital soon?

If you have an upcoming Hospital Admission and require more information please contact us via the following:

For Allianz Care Overseas Student Health Cover Members :  Ph (07) 3305 8841

For Allianz Care Overseas Visitors Health Cover Members :  Ph (07) 3305 8833


If you have a valid OSHC or OVHC policy with us and you have been admitted to hospital, contact us immediately so we can help you with your payment to the hospital (waiting periods and exclusions may apply).