For GP’s, out-of-hospital pathology and out-of-hospital radiology we offer an online solution to check eligibility and submit billing at the MBS benefit amount, with fast payment turnaround. To register your interest to become an online direct biller with us, click on "Join our network" above.

Depending on the type of policy that an insured patient holds, differences in waiting periods may apply to some pre-existing conditions.  As a result, it is a requirement for all inpatient treatment that contact is made with our Eligibility Team to confirm cover as set out below.

For non-urgent cases where treatment is not commencing in the next 48hrs, please email (OSHC insured patients) or (OVHC insured patients) and provide the following information:

  • Policy number
  • Full name of the insured patient
  • Date of birth of the insured patient
  • Medical diagnosis or presenting symptoms
  • Estimated length of admission

For urgent cases where treatment is scheduled to commence in less than 48hrs, please call the Medical Provider line on 1800 884 526 and follow the prompts.  Requests via phone will only be accepted for urgent cases (treatment scheduled to commence in less than 48hrs).

Allianz Care offers a Hospital in the Home treatment model for all eligible OSHC members.  The program is run by Torrens Health and is designed to provide specialist care for OSHC members who may benefit from receiving treatment at home rather than in hospital. OSHC members with the following eligible conditions may qualify to participate in the program: intravenous infusions, complex wound dressings, pain management or insulin dependent diabetes care and are clinically stable and living in suitable accommodation with access to additional support (if required).
Eligibility via phone only available for urgent cases with treatment scheduled to commence in less than 48 hours.

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