Allianz Care
Mental Wellbeing App*

Train your mind, reframe your thoughts, and get in touch with a real-life person to chat to when you need it.

Now available as a complimentary program to eligible Allianz Care OSHC customers who purchased their OSHC policy through an Educational Institutional Partner of Allianz Partners Australia.

In 4 weeks, the Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app may help you
  • Reduce stress^
  • Form positive thoughts^
  • Build your confidence and happines^
  • Assess how you’re feeling and your current stress levels
  • 2 minute survey 
  • Receive a wellbeing score to help you track your progress
  • Learn skills to reframe thoughts, meditate, deal with difficult situations and more
  • Practice one skill per week
  • 4 minute weekly videos
  • Do with an Uprise coach or on your own
  • Video call or message coach to chat about any study, work or life issue
  • Flexible 30 minute sessions during or after work hours
  • Up to two hours coaching support for eligible OSHC policy holders
  • Expert health professionals including licenced psychologists and counsellors
  • Advanced training modules across other wellbeing topics 
  • Check your wellbeing levels once a week
  • Log your thoughts in your notebook
  • Track how you’re improving through your profile
Provide us with your Allianz Care OSHC member number associated with you policy and email when signing up via the app.

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*The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing App, including any services arranged via the app are provided, managed and administered by Uprise Services Pty Ltd ACN 610 179 229. Uprise’s terms are located here AWP Australia Pty Ltd ACN 097 227 177, trading as Allianz Care Australia, nor any of its related bodies corporate, manage, administer or have any liability in respect to the app or services provided by Uprise Services Pty Ltd. 

IMPORTANT: The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing App does not provide clinical counselling or therapy, medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. The App is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The App and services provided by Uprise are not designed for crisis management. If you are in need of medical treatment or emergency care, please seek immediate assistance from a medical or mental health professional. 

^ Outcomes were derived from 11,491 app users in 2019 and independently evaluated by Uprise and the University of New England for a peer-reviewed scientific publication, which can be accessed by clicking here