Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing App*

Supporting the wellbeing of our Allianz Care OSHC members

Train your mind, reframe your thoughts and get in touch with a real-life person to chat to when you need it.

The program is available to Allianz Care OSHC members as an added benefit, at no extra cost.

In 4 weeks, the Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app may help you
  • Reduce stress^
  • Form positive thoughts^
  • Build your confidence and happines^
Mental Wellbeing App
Wellbeing Score
  • Assess how you’re feeling and your current stress levels
  • 2 minute survey 
  • Receive a wellbeing score to help you track your progress
Mental Fitness Training
  • Learn skills to reframe thoughts, meditate, deal with difficult situations and more
  • Practice one skill per week
  • 4 minute weekly videos
  • Do with an Uprise coach or on your own
  • Video call or message a coach to chat about any study, work or life issue
  • Flexible 30 minute sessions during or after work hours
  • Up to two hours coaching support for OSHC policy holders
  • Expert health professionals including licenced psychologists and counsellors
  • Advanced training modules across other wellbeing topics 
  • Check your wellbeing levels once a week
  • Log your thoughts in your notebook
  • Track how you’re improving through your profile
Mindset Training
Sign up using your Allianz Care OSHC member number and email address associated with your policy

The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app is a value-added benefit to Allianz Care Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) members who are aged 18 years or above.

Members can access up to 2 hours of Coaching, equivalent to 4 coaching calls. Once you have finished your coaching sessions, you can still enjoy the app and continue to use the skill based programs for the duration of your Allianz Care OSHC policy.

There are two ways to create an Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app account, via the web or app:

A) Using the App download via dummy Google Play Store (for Android) or dummy Apple Store (for IOS); or 

B) Using the Web visit dummy 

You will require your Allianz Care OSHC policy number to complete your registration. Such number can be found on your Welcome Email and Confirmation of Insurance. Once you have registered, it can take 24-48 hours for your registration to be validated/approved.

The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app provides intelligent and personalised guidance based on your wellbeing needs and preferences.

You will have access to:

  • Regular check ins to assess your mental wellbeing to help you identify areas for improvement and receive recommended activities so you can learn new skills quickly
  • A library of 4 minute videos showing the most effective skills to self-manage mental fitness
  • A coach (fully licenced psychologist or counsellor) via chat, phone or video to help you learn skills and get support with key issues
  • Ability to track your mental wellbeing and stress levels over time

An Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app coaching call is a 30-minute session which focuses on capability building and is usually used to reinforce skills learnt from the digital resources (Skills Module on the platform).

This is where our coach demonstrates how to apply the skills that you learned in the modules. This session is an opportunity to talk to someone about anything related to wellbeing or resilience.

Coaching calls may serve as a resource that can fulfill a large range of different functions - from offering training and support, pointing you to additional resources or simply just listening to what has been going on.  Coaching is provided by Qualified Counsellors and Psychologist registered in Australia.

If you are experiencing low levels of wellbeing and high levels of stress, a Coach will contact you to proactively offer you support, check on your wellbeing and guide you through the services available in the Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app.  

Coaches are Qualified Counsellors and Psychologist registered in Australia.

Therapy usually involves a 60-minute session, which aims to respond to more complex emotional needs and is oriented towards therapeutic intervention. This could be sought after a very low score on your Wellbeing Check via the Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app, when you feel emotional distress or after particular life circumstances.

To find out if therapy is right for you and what options are available, contact your local Doctor who will discuss a personalised treatment plan for you.

If you are thinking about suicide, talking to your doctor is a good place to start.

There are also many organisations out there that can help you. Here are some you can visit online or call anytime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week):

If you are having technical issues using the Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing app, you can report the issues via the home page of the app prior to log in, using the button 'Report a Problem'.

If you need to reset your password, it can be reset via the mobile app or web application

For other technical issues, please email including screenshots of the problem if possible, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

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*The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing App, including any services arranged via the app are provided, managed and administered by Uprise Services Pty Ltd ACN 610 179 229. Uprise’s terms are located here AWP Australia Pty Ltd ACN 097 227 177, trading as Allianz Care Australia, nor any of its related bodies corporate, manage, administer or have any liability in respect to the app or services provided by Uprise Services Pty Ltd. The App is only available to persons aged 18 years or above. Additional fees apply for coaching services used in excess of the complimentary two hour limit offered by Allianz Care Australia.

IMPORTANT: The Allianz Care Mental Wellbeing App does not provide clinical counselling or therapy, medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. The App is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The App and services provided by Uprise are not designed for crisis management. If you are in need of medical treatment or emergency care, please seek immediate assistance from a medical or mental health professional. 

^ Outcomes were derived from 11,491 app users in 2019 and independently evaluated by Uprise and the University of New England for a peer-reviewed scientific publication, which can be accessed by clicking here