Internships are short-term work placements that can provide you with valuable industry experience to prove your worth to any prospective employer.  You may even be lucky enough to gain employment through your internship placement.
An internship could kick-start your career.  Here are a few reasons to get you thinking about why an internship program may be right for you.

An internship gives you the practical experience that most future employers will want you to have. You can put into practice the skills and knowledge you have gained while studying and be involved in real projects – with real challenges and outcomes.

Internships demonstrate your ability to transition from university to the workplace and may put you ahead of other candidates who have little or no work experience.

Consider an internship a bit like a “try before you buy” scenario – it should give you a good idea of what to expect in your chosen field.  It will help you to identify what you like most, your abilities as well as any areas for improvement.  So, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, ask questions and learn from your mistakes during your internship.
You will learn about different aspects of the company and you will gain a broader understanding of the entire operation, which will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to talk the talk in any future job interviews or with industry leaders.

You will meet experienced professionals who can teach and guide you through your internship.  It is an opportunity to interact with professionals in your chosen field, so ask questions and try to gain as much knowledge as you can.

Make connections with your colleagues. Establishing good work relationships might help you land a job or get a recommendation that will steer your career on the path to success.

The time you spend at your internship can be included as work experience on your resume, showing your exposure to a certain field or industry.  Be sure to list the tasks you completed, along with achievements and highlights during your intern experience.  Your direct report may even provide their details so you can list them as a reference.



Most internships are provided by employers who want to support young people starting their career journey, by giving them genuine employment experiences that end in real job outcomes. 

Some businesses may offer unpaid internships to provide exposure, and this may seem like a great opportunity but there are very few situations where an employer can get you to work without pay.  If you decide to undertake an unpaid internship, make sure that you are performing general tasks that further your learning.  If the work you’ve been asked to do profits the business, then it is likely you should be getting paid.  For more information on internships and workplace entitlement, visit the government’s Fairwork website.