We are commited to your health and wellbeing and are always looking for ways to ensure your safety and security while in Australia.

Sonder is an on-demand safety services app that has a network of professionals available every minute of every day to provide help and assistance to members.

Sonder has a 24/7 support centre, based in Sydney that can provide assistance over the phone, via chat or in-person where  available.

The support team are trained in mental health first aid, complex problem solving, medical triage and much more. They will assess any situation and offer students the most relevant pathway for them to seek solutions and further support.

International students arriving in Australia often feel both excited and anxious. They may ask themselves “What will it be like to study in a foreign country where I have no friends or family nearby?” or “Who do I contact if I am in an accident or fall seriously ill?”. The Sonder support team can assist in any of the following situations and more:

  • If you are experiencing a medical issue and want to understand the Australian medical service and the potential costs
  • With mental health concerns
  • If you feel lost, lonely, scared, worried or confused.
  • If you are experiencing domestic violence
  • If you are a victim of crime

Students can access the support centre via call, chat or by “swiping for help” on the home screen.

Additionally, members have access to the following features designed to support health and wellbeing of the student community.

When you are meeting strangers for the first time or in an unfamiliar environment, students with access to Sonder can set a time for Sonder to check on their safety and wellbeing. Some examples of times students might use Check On Me when inspecting a new apartment or during a social occasion.
This map-based feature allows members to navigate to their destination while Sonder tracks your progress to ensure your safety at all times. This is particularly useful when travelling solo, late at night or in an unfamiliar environment.
Sonder is consistently and proactively assessing the environment to ensure that members are safe. For example, should the Sonder support centre recognise that a member may be in the vicinity of a public safety incident or similar, Sonder will get in touch with the member to offer guidance and advice to keep them out of harm's way.
Allianz Care OSHC members are eligible for Sonder if they purchase their OSHC policy from either:
        1.  an Australian university or other education provider that sells Allianz Care OSHC policies; or

        2.  a selected education agent that sells Allianz Care OSHC policies. 

To verify if an education agent is a selected education agent of Allianz Care Australia, please contact the International Health team on partnersupport@allianzcare.com.au 

Note: If you purchase OSHC from Allianz Care Australia online, you will not be eligible for Sonder.

If you have any issue or questions, please contact the International Health team on partnersupport@allianzcare.com.au or contact the Sonder team on hello@sondersafe.com
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